Kaitlyn Page

Kaitlyn Page is an Erie, Pennsylvania based watercolor & mixed media fine artist who enjoys exploring depth and meaning behind unity, oneness with self, psychology behind emotions and feelings, and man’s relationship/interconnectedness with the natural world. Her work has been described as being based in the surreal, psychedelia, and reality. In her own words; "I try to use these elements to create an ethereal and otherworldly realm where the metaphysical and natural world meet. I’ve always had a strong love for nature, meticulous detail, mysterious symbolism, and surrealism, which can often be found in my work."

Kaitlyn began drawing and painting around the age of 12 but never saw herself as becoming a professional artist. Becoming an artist came with time, just as most good things do. At the age of 17 she began her journey with watercolors, which has become her main medium. At this point she has been painting in watercolors for 9 years - attempting to master the medium and work with it in a way nobody has ever done before. Her unique ability to capture both realism and surrealism in the medium has gained her popularity over the years and as of 2022 she has amassed over 200,000 followers on various platforms.

Kaitlyn struggled for several years thinking she should have gone to college to study art or that she had no real direction as to where she wanted to take it. These things drove her to do what she does now and she has been working as a freelance artist since graduating from Maplewood High School in 2014. The first few years of her career was focused solely on commission work, but as of recent, she has gotten away from this to focus on personal work and things that inspire her. She explains; "I wanted to FEEL something; a spark that envelops you when you get an idea. That idea can give me the most visceral experience because I imagine what it would feel like to put down on paper and it’s just glorious. It’s more of an urge than a simple desire to paint. I often enter into a “flow state,” where nothing else around me matters except for the world I am immersed in when painting and listening to music. It’s a place where the outside world can be tuned out and my inner world can be turned on."

People often ask where she gets her inspiration from and how she works with watercolors in such a detail oriented way. "I’ve always been someone who was driven by the idea of perfecting something. I’ve also always loved tiny details. As a child, I adored tiny replicas for their many minute details. Details make my world go round and I think working in watercolors satisfies this part of my natural desire for these things. Watercolor is a difficult medium that requires a lot of patience and many layers working with tiny brushes. You can’t afford to mess up a watercolor painting because there is no way to paint over imperfections. Every detail needs extreme attention and it’s the perfect challenge for someone like myself."

Her work has been featured all over the world in various formats, from magazine publications, to book covers & album art, to gallery shows and solo shows, she continues to inspire the watercolor world with her unique process.

During the summer months she vends her work at various music festivals around the country including; Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta Georgia, The Peach in Scranton PA, Levitate in Massachusetts, & many more.

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