What if a trading card game came to life?

In Verses, your Beastmaster’s eagle card won’t simply be placed on a board and leave the rest to your imagination, but will deploy an eagle under your control, ready to fly around on a 3D grid.

In a game of Verses, you will assemble a party of characters from the 6 different Verses:  Fantasia, Synthex, Proxima, Kaleidoscope, Gloom, and Commedia. Your character choices will determine the different cards you can use to build your deck. These cards will allow your characters to perform special actions and gain new abilities as they explore levels, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles.

The Verses

Each Verse has its own unique biome/visuals
  • 6 Verses
  • 1 hub (also present in the tutorial scene)
Early Concept of map layout system testing
  • Tileable system using megatiles for more map variations and more detailed environments
  • Map modularity
  • Compatible for procedurally generated content
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  • Storytelling through the environment
  • Environment interacts with gameplay
  • Captivating lore-related environments
Modular Assets
  • 6 Verses
  • 1 hub (also present in the tutorial scene)

Interchangeable Objects

  • Unique interactable structures
  • Animations on interaction

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Characters & Deckbuilding

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Choosing your characters and building your deck go hand-in-hand. You choose your characters and you choose which cards the characters contribute to your deck.
  • A vampire from Gloom may have cards that allow it to transform into a bat or conjure darkness.
  • A technologist from Synthex may deploy an ornithopter or use X-ray vision. 
  • A beastmaster from Fantasia might summon eagles, sharks, and squirrels, and may be able to charm animal NPCs. 
  • An elementalist from Kaleidoscope might invoke lightning, freeze water and create tunnels in the earth. 
  • A builder from Proxima could build ladders and use their rope to swing across chasms or lasso faraway items into your possession.
  • A songshaper from Commedia could trick NPCs and shrink themselves or party members. 
The design space is immense and full of possibilities, which allows for endless fun while you experiment with different combinations of characters and cards.
Your avatar with its deck underneath on the left, available cards with their costs over a bar showing your current energy available on the right.


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The different amount of scenarios and levels in Verses is vast. One level may involve your party trying to repair your spaceship, and another level might involve your party trying to throw an Adams Family inspired dinner party where everything is going wrong. In the spaceship scenario, your elementalist may use their fire abilities to weld metal; in the dinner scenario, that same ability may cook a pie.

This wide-ranging design space is something that’s unique about Verses; the game can tell any kind of story, in any genre, period, or style.


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Verses is a nonviolent game that emphasizes creative problem solving over typical, tired, violent solutions.

Your characters will explore the different levels where you can make them move, manipulate objects, interact with NPCs, and use their abilities.

All cards cost energy to play, and your energy builds up over time. Characters will follow your directions but they can also act autonomously.

Gameplay is not turn-based, and everything for all players happens simultaneously in real-time. Games will be quick and fun, with most game modes only taking 5-10 minutes 

Game Modes

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Verses will offer several game modes to explore and enjoy. 

Single Player

  • Campaign

    Narrative-driven playthrough of the canonical Verses story via a series of curated levels which take you through a genre-spanning adventure to accomplish a larger goal.
  • Free Play

    Navigate obstacles, challenges, and puzzles on your own time. Discover and practice interactions and combinations under no pressure, with no opponent.
  • Race

    Race: Play levels in sequence going for record time. You can shoot for the leaderboard or focus on breaking your own records.


  • Competitive

    Navigate maps and attempt to achieve goals while your opponent does the same. Disrupt your opponent’s strategies while they attempt to disrupt yours. Because Verses focuses on creative problem solving and not violence there is no direct player-to-player conflict. For example, your druid from Fantasia may fill an area with water so the opposing side cannot easily travel through it, but cannot use this water to drown your opponent’s characters.

Cooperative Play

  • Play with a buddy/teammate in a “single-player” experience.
  • Play with a buddy/teammate as a team against another team in the competitive mode.
As we develop Verses we hope to offer many different game modes like King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, etc.


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Non-exploitative free-to-play is the mantra.  

We are committed to providing a fun and satisfying game experience for all of our players by giving easy access to all of our cards, regardless of NFT purchases. We made Verses because we are passionate about fun and inclusive games. We do not want a player’s budget to be an obstacle to enjoying Verses to its full potential.
This means Verses will offer…
  • F2P without the burden of ads or the dreaded loot box.
  • No pay to win. All cards will have universal edition copies that will cost around $1 each.
  • Players can find and collect cards as they explore and play through different levels.
  • All cards will be available for free through gameplay, without unrealistic time commitments required to grind them out.


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Our TCG utilizes the energy efficient Proof of Stake Tezos blockchain so you can own and customize your cards. We will offer customization through reskinning and encourage our players to express their own creativity in this area.

The blockchain handles collection management and trading. Plus, it can record the history of any given card, so if your favorite card is a Synthex Ornithopter, you can look up how many times you’ve played it and discover how many times it has won you the game.

Read more about our thoughts on NFTs and blockchain here:

NFTs Can Be OK for the Environment and Great for Artists, Gamers, & Collectors

Hi! I’m Alex West. I’m a gamer, a dad, and an environmentalist. I am also the president of Many Hands, a company making NFT-based games.

What The Designers Say

Zac Elsik

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Verses excites me because I can play the game over and over, and express myself each time I play. Verses is huge because there are so many different ways to solve the same puzzles.

One of the reasons I loved Magic: the Gathering so much is because of how many different experiences I could have in the game. I love that feeling of discovery and experiencing the outcome of my own creative choices and I see that same kind of thing in Verses.

Alex West

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A satisfying adventure experience excites me, I like RPGs, short stories, and competitive games. Making a game that captures all of these elements is very appealing to me. 

I’m very excited about the customizability of our game engine, and I can’t wait until we can give a level editor tool to the community, and I think players will do things that completely surprise and delight us.

Dan Burdick

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I’m excited about taking the core engine of a trading card game with its customizability and the variety of gameplay you get through building your own deck, making strategic choices and pitting them against each other, collecting cards, all of this adds up to my favorite genre.

And I’m really excited about being able to see full animation expressions of those cool trading card game mechanics, while also being able to have a lot of other awesome experiences that come with different genres now being experienced in a trading card game.

Verses will be like playing a trading card game while also playing my other favorite video games at once. I know the fun will never run out because it can be different each time.