About Us

Our mission at Many Hands is to produce a vibrant and engaging IP to host a world-class trading card game that is non-violent in its design, secure, transparent, and inclusive for all. We are a team of gaming industry veterans creating an open-source platform and ecosystem for players and collectors to freely create, trade and own game assets and foster a thriving community. We are committed to making a game that is easy to learn and fun to play, and to continually improve and enhance the player experience, as we strive to bring the magic of collectible card games to a wider audience.


The best experiences are full of fun and surprises. We wrote the recipe for Verses with that in mind:
Mix one part witty narrative into a bowl full of whimsical, surprising art. Liberally sprinkle with cool secrets to be discovered. Bake into an event with smiles in spades. Serve on a one-a-day release schedule that makes it spoiler season all season! Here’s hoping you find the idea as tasty as we do!


Quality matters. Our intent is to make something as creators that we would love as customers, and nowhere is that more important than in the sense of value. Every element of our design process is carefully layered with the goal of producing something that is truly special.


Verses is an adventure into the undiscovered.  We’ve worked hard cultivating our secret garden, and we’re excited to share its magic, mysteries, and puzzles with you. Piece the map together and be transported to a place full of anticipation and surprises waiting just around the corner.


One of the most enjoyable parts of any activity is sharing it with friends and family. For this reason, we are committed to creating an engaging experience that thrives on community. Whether it’s bringing along people you already enjoy playing with, or meeting new people with similar interests, abundant opportunities to be creatively expressive in a group are intentionally included in our vision for Verses.


Digital artwork should be just as emotionally resonant as its physical counterpart. We’ve carefully curated a huge repository of assets from historic, legendary game artists to bring a feeling of nostalgia to our first season. The pieces we have selected are unique in being never-before-seen classics, reminiscent of a beloved era in our collective conscience. Moving forward, new artists will be chosen for subsequent seasons with a similar eye for powerful, moving work.


NFTs come in many styles. We think the most captivating marry rich creativity with a sense of elegance. Clean, beautiful designs naturally convey that they are valuable, and are always some of the most satisfying to view. We expect our audience to have great taste, and have made a product that speaks directly to that sensibility.


The NFT world is a burgeoning space. As active participants in something so new, we acknowledge our responsibility to produce buzzworthy, cutting-edge content, not just for ourselves and our customers, but for the industry as a whole. Our use-cases are innovative, and our goal is to position ourselves at the forefront of the NFT market, becoming a leader in creating standards and practices that will define the space.