Meet the Narrative Team

Hear from the full-time writers devoted to writing Verses' stories.

Meet The Team

Dan Burdick
Vision Officer &
Game Design Lead
Alex West
President &
Executive Officer
Brittney Bergeron
Vice President &
Artist Relations
John Tigue
Technology Officer
Dan Clegg
Zac Elsik
Game Design & Software Developer
Jed Dolbeer
Project Manager
Hannah Pearlman
Graphic Design Lead
Deja Hyatt
Graphic Design
Leo Lima
Communications & Blockchain
Jody D
Narrative Design
Evan 'Tron' Stanfield
Marketing &
Devyn Session
Social media &
Community Manager
Elias Casas
Social media &
Community Manager
Karen Degi
Product Manager
Helen America
narrative design
Eleanore Drummond
narrative design
Michael Trapp
narrative design
Scot Anderson
software development
Anders Hanson
graphic design
Andy Wilson
Sam Black
Game design
Zvi Mowshowitz
Economic Advisor


Welcome to Verses, Wanderer.

Welcome to Verses, Wanderer.

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