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Our Values


We engage in collaboration with our fans allowing them to influence our narrative story and gameplay. We encourage our audience to participate in open dialogue. Our vision is to have Verses fans act as collaborators.

Once our game is further in development we plan to create open source tools to allow players to create their own ways to play.

Dota was originally a Warcraft 3 mod and now it’s one of the most popular games in the world. We hope the most popular way to play Verses will come from the players.


One of our goals as a company is to improve the overall harmoniousness of humans, we strive to make our team a welcoming and safe place for everyone.

We believe hiring people that have diverse backgrounds makes our team stronger and leads to products that include and appeal to more people.

We’re committed to promoting diversity in the game industry by funding scholarships to teach game design to diverse students of the University of Washington and creating gaming products that feature diverse characters and inclusive stories.


We’re building a world-class trading card game and a billion dollar franchise that appeals to a wide-ranging audience beyond trading card gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Our game designers have worked and led premier TCGs like Magic: the Gathering, Eternal, Legends of Runeterra, and Pokemon.

Our narrative team has created a deep and immersive setting in which virtually any story can be told.

We’ve partnered with renowned fantasy and sci-fi artists who have illustrated the original sets of Magic: the Gathering and have devoted fan bases.


Offer a range of products with consideration for wealth disparity, and thus never exclude individuals from participation because of their financial means. We reject pay to win and non-exploitative free to play is our mantra.


We utilize our technical and design expertise, as well as our extensive relationships in gaming communities, to deliver delightful experiences through NFTs and blockchain. We seek to onboard fans and artists who might otherwise never take advantage of the opportunities blockchain provides.


Our of team industry veteran designers are committed to being transparent and open with the public. We are fully doxxed, release periodic State of the Project articles, and hold AMAs once a month.


Blockchain technology can hand power back to the players. We believe players should own their digital assets and not have them controlled by centralized platforms.

Ownership goes beyond financial implications and taps into deep human emotions. What player doesn’t have sentimental feelings about a special card? Blockchain allows players to build sentimental bonds with their digital cards in new ways.

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