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Our Values

Our vision is to make digital collectibles a meaningful vehicle in supporting social justice and equitable access to environmentally sustainable decentralized finance systems.


We aim to use transparent, legible tutorialization to facilitate onboarding newcomers to blockchain, and educate them about proof-of-stake vs proof-of-work models.


We work to drive engagement with our vision of narrative and play, encouraging participants to become active, creative members of digital communities, and contribute meaningfully to discourse and decision-making.


We strive to work toward economic justice for renowned artists who were underpaid or never paid for their efforts in popularizing art styles in gaming.


To offer a range of products with consideration for wealth disparity, and thus never exclude individuals from participation because of their financial means.


We utilize our technical expertise to enable connections in the digital space between artists and fans who might otherwise never take advantage of the opportunity technology provides.


To use our platform to support social justice by selecting artists for tokenization who are underrepresented or not represented in the current system.


To offer art enthusiasts and collectors high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that emphasize the viability of digital collectibles as an alternative to traditional art.

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