Julie Spoops Myrfors

Professional illustrator since 2002.

Julie Spoops Myrfors has been drawing and painting since early childhood. Working in acrylic, oil, and digitally, she considers herself a traditional artist, primarily creating fantasy, family legacy portraiture, and Magic: The Gathering card alters.

In early 2002, Myrfors began working for MacGregor Publications, creating over 50 Pacific Northwest-themed book covers. In 2007, Julie joined forces with Jesper Myrfors to found Hidden City Games and became the lead artist for Bella Sara, creating digital artwork for the online game over a seven year period. As an internationally published artist with an eye on philanthropy, she began working with Bubble Mission, a fundraising online app that raises money for those affected by natural disasters around the globe.

During her working career, she has been privileged to publish with Harper Collins, while providing content for Lucas Films, Nintendo, Jade Monkey, and a variety of other gaming companies.

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