Cornelius Brudi

Professional artist and illustrator since 1993 

Cornelius Brudi grew up in Southwestern Germany, surrounded by his family of artists. Life was eclectic during his formative years, with time being spent at his father’s intaglio printing studio, working with horses, and spending summers in remote Greek fishing villages which formed his life philosophy as well as his influences in art up until this time.

In 1989, Cornelius traveled to the United States, first studying art and design at Eastern Oregon State University for a year and then transferring to Cornish College of the Arts in 1990 and graduating there with a BFA in Graphic Design in 1994.

During his studies at Cornish College, Brudi was approached by Jesper Myrfors, a fellow student, to provide illustrations for Wizards of the Coast’s “Magic the Gathering” Alpha and Ice Age sets. This would prove to be Cornelius’ first forays into professional illustration.

One of Brudi’s core beliefs is what defines an artist’s style is a willingness to be categorized and labeled. From a commercial standpoint, this makes perfect sense. However, Cornelius never felt comfortable belonging to any particular school of form. Rather, experimentation and exploration as creative expression is where he feels most at home. He utilizes a vast range of media, including traditional relief printmaking, digital origination, two or three dimensional expression, gouache, oil, and acrylic with the theme dictating the media and the medium determining the thematic success.

Cornelius currently is employed at Tacoma’s School of the Arts (since 2016) and works as an independent graphic designer, illustrator, and artist. He splits time living in the United States and Europe.

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