Brian Snoddy

Professional illustrator since September 1986

New Jersey born Brian Snoddy came to the Northwest at the age of 5. In 1983, he decided to pursue a career in art and enrolled in the Art Institute of Seattle. While he learned many skills there, most of Brian’s current illustration techniques are self-developed. He graduated in 1985 and began work as a production artist, and eventually a product illustrator at Egghead Software’s in-house ad agency. During his seven years there, he worked on newspaper ads, coupon books, direct mail order magazines, and eventually illustrated the products in those ads. 

From 1992-1995 Brian worked as an art assistant at The Creative Fire art studio and on several different comics including Shaman’s Tears, Classic Star Wars, and Maggie the Cat. He also worked as a storyboard artist and assistant on Saturday morning cartoon shows such as Conan the Barbarian, Disney’s Gargoyles, Garfield and Friends, X-Men, Jim Lee’s Wildcats, and Exo-Squad. 

In 1992 he met art director Jesper Myrfors at Norwescon, the local Seattle Sci-Fi convention and was recruited to work on Magic: The Gathering’s inaugural Alpha set. Brian was the co-creator and co-founder of Privateer Press, where he co-created the Iron Kingdoms universe and the War Machine fantasy tabletop battle game. He left Privateer Press in 2005 to pursue his own work.  In 2009 he joined Air-Tight Games as a concept artist.  Snoddy later worked as a full time concept artist and illustrator for Flying Frog Productions.

Brian is a traditional artist, working in Gouache paint, marker, and pen and ink. He is currently a self-employed concept artist and illustrator.  He is currently taking commissions for card signatures, card alters, paintings and artist proof sketches.

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