The Para Initiative


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Frequently called the Initiative for short, this organization was named after its founder, Para, who runs it from her base of operations in Delphi, deep in the heart of the Synthex Verse. Para had a mentor, named Phia, who made the breakthrough discovery that would allow Para to develop a technology for traveling to the different Verses. Phia want missing after an accident occurred in her lab while she was testing a theory about the multiverse.

The Initiative had two purposes: to find Phia and to explore the Verses. They run PIPES (Para Initiative Portal Exploration Survey) missions through newly discovered natural portals, and use the Sieve to create temporary connections between the Sieve and another location within the Verses. The utilize a complex sensor array to look for places that might be candidates for exploration, but seeing into the different verses is extremely difficult, even with the advanced technology of Synthex.

The Initiative overextended itself in the search for Phia, falling into an energy crisis that brought most exploration to a grinding halt, but not before they were successful in locating her. Now that Phia has been recovered, the Para Initiative will have to decide what to do with their new knowledge and remaining resources.

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