Safety and Ethics Corps


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One of three divisions within the Para Initiative, Safety and Ethics includes more than just security experts and Med techs. Members of this group may be trained extensively in medicine, xenobiology, psychology, sociology, diplomacy, critical thinking, meditation, and leadership skills.

Many elect to take on physical enhancements, such as socioadaptive implants, in order to facilitate better performance in the field. Chin-Soon used these implants extensively to negotiate a peace between the Nefer-Ta and the Urugal Empire. Tachell is also a member of this group and led a successful PIPES mission in Commedia.

The Safety and Ethics Corps maintains the well being of exploration teams, negotiates trade deals, coordinates research outposts, and holds these activities accountable to an ethical standard of respect for the autonomy and authority of the local people. Even with some fumbles, this has mostly worked out well for both the Initiative and communities hosting Initiative activity.

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