O’ooryu (The Big Wet)


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\oh - oo - ryee - ü\

O'ooryu is a large water world with a gravity heavier than Earth and a few above water dry islands that are mostly left wild. Outsiders have taken to calling this planet "The Big Wet" as a shorthand that is more evocative of the place in their own language.

The planet has millions of square kilometers of shallows, 3 meters deep at minimum, that spread out like an archipelago running diagonally north to south. This is where the local sentient bipeds live, along with a rich range of life. Incredible forests of trees sprout up from these not quite dry lands, reaching easily 150 or more meters in height.  

A vast network of wetlands runs from the borders of the forests to the borders of the shallows where the water is thick with all sorts of strange and edible water plants.  Throughout the borders of the archipelago range there are dense reefs bursting with colorful biodiversity, and teeming with life.

Within the shallows underground fresh water springs bloom up and feed niche ecosystems safely away from the churning action of the ocean. These precious areas of above water ecosystems are still dwarfed by the vast expanse of deep ocean.  Sea creatures of gargantuan proportions, such as the wheylanni, populate these areas, and they are without a doubt the apex beings of their domain.

Introduced in #35 The Harvest.

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