Assembly of Clans


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The Assembly of Clans is the governing body for the planet of O'ooryu in Fantasia. There are well over 100 Clans represented, each with unique customs and cultural agendas, but they came together generations ago because of a shared ideology around sustainability and cooperative advancement of magical knowledge. Some Clans joined strictly to avoid being left behind, and old grudges between rivals still live in the generational memory of the Clans.

Every Clan sends a delegate to represent them in the Assembly, and these delegates are almost always skilled practitioners of magick. Over the centuries the policies of the Assembly have favored the use of Enchantment magick over either Sorcery or Alchemy.

The Clans weaker in knowledge of Enchantment have been marginalized by a system that is biased against their interests, and the tension has reached a boiling point that threatens the peace that has lasted so long it's easy to take for granted.

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