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The magical energy source that flows throughout the Fantasia Verse is known by many names, such as lifespring, mana, or source. This energy is essential to the physics of reality in Fantasia, generating enough entropy and chaos that it defies any rigid rule sets. Lifespring seems to be woven into the very structure of life and may be drawn from living things, which poses a risk to them.

Lifespring flows through stone or any other elemental component of the cycle of life, and may be more or less highly concentrated depending on the situation. There more pristine versions of these elements carried in some magical creatures which in turn hold more potential for effect. Lifespring may be shaped and worked in may ways, which may be discovered intuitively or taught in a more formalized way depending on the individual and the societal opportunities.

Enchantment may be used to direct the flow of lifespring through esoteric patterns and designs that may be worked into physical forms ranging from stone carvings, jewelry or other items, to elaborate sigils or wards. Those skilled in sorcery may use their own bodies, or the life around them, as a source for instant working of magick. Alchemists use a detailed knowledge of the characteristics that esoteric ingredients impart to lifespring in order to make potions or other physical carriers of quick use magick.

Fantasia and Synthex exist on opposite ends of an axis, or spectrum. In Synthex one finds that order comes easily, math works reliably, and the physics of the Verse follow understandable and definable rules. Fantasia exists on the opposite and magical energy, by any name, undermines the order and predictability that science relies on. While one may use tools like sacred geometry to guide and shape lifespring, it will always be more of an art and intuitive process than an analytical one.

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