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In the magical Verse of Fantasia magical energy can by manipulated and directed in a variety of ways. The art of enchantment utilizes esoteric patterns, sacred geometry, ritual practices, and/or special materials that can hold the magic of the enchantment to form and hold the spell in a long term or permanent pattern.

People use this to make sigils that can be activated for a specific use, like the Locomancy Portal on O'ooryu or the control sigils within the flyers used by the denizens of the Big Wet. The more powerful or difficult the spell held within the sigil, the more magically charged the ingredients used have to be. Some sigils are simple patterns carved into stone, while others involve polished gems, inlayed gold, and other rare ingredients.

Enchantments also are how magical societies accomplish incredible feats of engineering, such as floating cities, flying vehicles, and much more.

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