Verses is coming to the NFT Seattle conference.

September 26, 2022

We’re happy to announce that Verses will be at NFT Seattle an upcoming conference. Our president Alex West will speak during their gaming panel on Friday the 30th. Since Seattle is home to a handful of our staff, some Verses staff will also be attending. 

We’re excited to meet others in the NFT space, and forge friendships with like-minded web 3 professionals. There will be a lot of speakers and different panels throughout the two-day event. 

(View NFT Seattle’s schedule here:

Here are some NFT Seattle speakers we’re excited to see. 

<div class= "center-text">Jennifer Wong</div>

Jennifer Wong is a curator at the Seattle NFT Museum. She’s also the head of sustainability at Convoy which is a digital freight network dedicated to transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste.

Sustainability is a value we share. A commitment to environmental sustainability is in our company’s charter. It’s one of the reasons we chose to build on Tezos. Reducing waste in the freight industry will have a positive impact on the environment magnitudes larger than we’ll ever achieve working on a card game.

We look forward to hearing what Jennifer has to say.

Jennifer Wong’s Twitter:  
Convoy Team’s Twitter 
Seattle NFT Museum Twitter: 

<div class= "center-text">Jessica Greenwalt</div>

Jessica Greenwalt is a serial founder, multiple award-winning graphic designer, UX researcher, web developer, NFT strategist, product designer, and artist.

Jessica develops Web3 programs for the world’s biggest brands, laying the foundations for how Fortune 500s engage with the next evolution of technology.

She is currently the creative director at Vayner3 a Web3 consultancy that works with partners to create Web3 solutions and guide them in the next iteration of consumer behavior. 

We believe Web3 will only grow in importance as time goes on, Jessica is on the frontier of this changing landscape. 

We look forward to learning from her experience and insights.

Jessica Greenwalt’s Twitter: 
Vayner3 Twitter: 

<div class= "center-text">Kevin Lambert</div>

Kevin Lambert is a senior game designer at Microsoft and is a passionate crypto enthusiast. Take one look at his Twitter and you see he spends a lot of time writing about crypto, games, and how they overlap.

He has written some fascinating articles about the future of Web3 gaming on his blog. His article The “DNA” of a Blockchain Game Studio shows you how what an experienced game developer sees when he looks at crypto gaming projects.

Kevin Lambert's Blog: 
Follow Kevin on Twitter: 

<div class= "center-text">Gareb Shamus</div>

Gareb Shamus is the founder of HeroMaker Studios & the KumiteNFT project, which is a collaborative NFT project where people create their own superheroes & villains. Then the community creates stories, narratives, and comics featuring their characters. 

With Verses, we’ve organized collaborative storytelling in our Discord with our stories that Discord members vote on. But what Gareb is doing is on a different level.  

You can hear Gareb talk about taking comic books and storytelling into the future with Web3 technology:

Gareb Shamus Twitter: 
HeroMaker Studios Linktree:  
HeroMaker Studios Twitter:
KumiteNFT Twitter: 

<div class= "center-text">
Rahul Sood</div>

Rahul is a serial gaming & tech entrepreneur. He invested in some of the early blockchain games and then co-founded Irreverent Labs which is making MechaFightClub an NFT gaming project.

If someone is both local to Seattle, and building a Web3 gaming project, then we want to know what they have to say. 

Rahul Twitter: 
Irreverent Labs: 
Irreverent Labs Twitter: 
MechaFightClub Link Tree: 
MechaFightClub Twitter:

There are tons of amazing speakers attending NFT Seattle. More speakers are being announced nearly every day. For the most current information follow NFT Seattle on Twitter ( 

See you there.

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