Making Verses TCG: Behind the Scenes Game Jam

September 7, 2022

Hello Wanderer,

Most of you know that we spent over a week bunkered down in a Seattle Airbnb for a Verses game jam.

We spent over a week brainstorming and testing prototypes, ironing out concepts, playing with mechanics, and focusing on making Verses a great game.

To refresh your memory, some designers in the house were…

-Alex West
-Dan Burdick
-Zac Elsik
-Sam Black
-Andy Wilson

What you probably didn’t know is that we were recording the whole time. During our reset, our marketing team went through the material and put together some behind-the-scenes promo videos.

We even made a media room for conducting interviews. After digging through the footage we’ve finally put together a video to bring you behind the scenes.

The game jam played out exactly as we hoped. It was incredibly productive and by the end of it, we hit gold and realized what we wanted Verses to be.

Watch the game jam video now to see…
- Interviews with Alex West, Dan Burdick, and Sam Black.  
- Verses designers playing different prototypes.
- The very first Verses test cards.
- The creative process that guided our work.
- What makes Verses different from other card games.
- A thank you to anybody who has supported Verses so far (If you’re reading this, that means you.)

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