Mato Grosso


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Mato Grosso is the name of the Fantasian province in which the Bluemoat Keep is located. Its name literally means “deep bush,” and its terrain and wildlife more than live up to that expectation. From the high foothills, where the Keep itself is situated, to the river basin that plays home to a large number of predatory animals, the Mato Grosso is thickly populated with flora and fauna, thanks to the strong currents of magical lifespring that run throughout its geography in the form of ley lines.

Encroachment by human settlements is not an issue in Mato Grosso because the landscape of Fantasia itself preserves the quaint but ethically meaningful balance of predator and prey, democracy and autocracy, and religiosity and agnosticism with its own magical boundaries. The very realm itself seems to believe that there is something important to learn from the day-to-day drama, spontaneous heroism, and precarious ecological balance that is represented by this region of a thousand sentient species, living in their best attempt at peaceful harmony.

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