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[ah - mah - soo]

This planet in Fantasia is similar to Earth in size and climate, ranging from temperate and tropical forests to sweeping deserts. The Initiative first made contact here with a human nation called the Urugal Empire. The Urugali people built pyramids in strategic locations along a network of ley lines to harness the magical potential they offered.

The Initiative sent a team of agents to live among the people there, build influential contacts, and learn all they could about Fantasia. When a brand new natural portal appeared in the area, the team found themselves in the middle of a local conflict. The team chose an interventionist move and helped to free four Nefer-Ta spirits from a thousand years of imprisonment within a set of secret pyramids. Now the team seeks access to the mysterious portal.

There are other sentient species and styles of governance yet to be encountered and understood by the Initiative. One such denizen of a local forest people, Nesmin, has acted as a guide and mentor to the Initiative explorers.

Amasu is teeming with life and filled with magical power

Introduced in #11 Nefer-Ta Spirit

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