Game Designer

May 24, 2022

Job Description

Many Hands SPC is seeking a game designer to join our startup team as we build – a digital Trading Card Game featuring collectibles on the Tezos blockchain.

The Game Designer works in a team of 4-5 game designers and 2 narrative designers and will help develop a nonviolent card game within the Verses world.

Key Functions

  • Card Design & Iteration: Character actions in our game are driven by playing cards. The designer will come up with character action cards, test them on different maps and balance them accordingly.
  • Collectibles / Digital Interior Design: Identify digital objects that can be customized & collected, work with our graphic design team to develop concepts into a final product.
  • Level Design: Design and create single and multiplayer maps and adventures.
  • World Build: Work with the game design and narrative team to create characters and concepts that fit the overall narrative design.
  • Game Mechanics: Create and implement game mechanics that incorporate Verses narratives.

Verses Project Description

Our vision for Verses TCG is to reproduce the best part of paper trading card games (TCG) while making the best use of digital technology to reimagine and enhance gameplay.

Verses reimagines the TCG by taking the best of the following games:

  • Clash Royale’s tick-based mana system and real-time pacing.
  • Magic and other TCG’s collectibility and creative deck construction.
  • Gloomhaven’s card-driven adventure tactics and feel. 
  • The A-Maze-Ing Labyrinth’s board transformation mechanics.

Players should feel like they have a customized adventuring party that reflects their interests and style, and that they can creatively use their tools and experience to solve game challenges in their own unique way.

Our team members have led or participated in development of Magic: the Gathering, Legends of Runeterra (the League of Legends TCG), Elder Scrolls: Legends, Pokemon, DC Dual Forces, and more.


Must Have

  • Experience as a game designer.
  • Extensive experience playing games.
  • Familiarity with collectible card games & deck building. 
  • A strong sense of what makes a game fun.
  • Passion for gaming, with an interest in creating games that are creative and don’t rely on violence.

Nice to Have

  • Experience playing sandbox games (such as Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Minecraft) 
  • High level Clash Royale/of Clans player/streamer
  • Ability to leverage your deep expertise in the above, and/or trading card games (TCGs), connection to TCG communities and influencers
  • Understanding of TCG primary and secondary markets
  • Experience streaming with a significant following 
  • Experience with mobile gaming
  • UI UX background
  • Familiarity with Unity level editors, scripting
  • Experience implementing game content in a programming or scripting language
  • Ability to anticipate how nuanced changes to card sets and metagames affect fun

Compensation & Benefits

  • This full-time position includes an annual salary of $70,000 to $110,000, depending on experience, with further flexible options based on equity are available 
  • Employees are encouraged to work a 30 hour work week
  • Unlimited sick & vacation time
  • Equity grants to employees
  • Work from home, fully virtual, remote work with options for in-person during game design jam sessions

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Many Hands SPC is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and empowering workplace. We believe that having staff, interns, consultants, and volunteers with diverse backgrounds enables Many Hands SPC to better meet our mission and serve game-loving communities around the world. We recognize that opportunities in games and other creative industries have historically excluded and continue to disproportionately exclude Black and Indigenous people, people of color, people from working class backgrounds, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people. We strongly encourage individuals with these identities to apply.

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